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DIY Carpet Cleaning in Bend - Flooring Refinishing Bend Oregon

DIY Carpet Cleaning in Bend

IFS Design in Bend cares about your carpet, even if it's something that you don't think about often. Did you know that there are some awesome DIY things you can do to keep your carpet spot-free in between regular cleanings? It's true. Here's what you can do today in Bend to keep your carpet clean: 

Steam cleaning: It's a popular method of DIY cleaning in Bend, and there's a reason for that. It can also be enhanced by detergent if you're dealing with something a little more stubborn. 

Dry powder: This is another good method of DIY carpet cleaning. It's absorpent and fast, but mostly meant as a temporary solution inbetween more rigorous cleaning. 

Dry foam: Lesser known, the dry foam method of DIY carpet cleaning in Bend provides limited results. Once the foam is applied to the carpet fiber, you can simply vacuum it clean. 

Either way you choose, IFS Design in Bend is here for your carpet and flooring needs. For more information on the installation services we offer, simply contact us to schedule a viewing of our showroom. 

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1080 SE 9th St. #110 Bend, OR 97702